Contiki Diaries Day 12-13 New Orleans

IMG_8788Yet another early start, leaving Memphis TN and on route to New Orleans, Louisiana. The weather was appalling-can understand why the area is prone to hurricanes. As we drove across the longest bridge in the world (or so it seemed) I thought we were going to be blown off. We arrived and were greeted by a hop on tour guide called Mark who informed us that the rain would stop and then gave us some information about New Orleans.  Then we actually had some time to chill before the evening’s Rubik’s cube party. Leeza and I were joined by Bec and Liz for wine and merriment. We headed down for our optional dinner at Tu Ja Gues . With everyone looking bright and colourful, Liz and I wore all black.


We arrived at dinner in the French Quarter and it was raining, so Marti lied. The meal was mental and got to the stage where nobody really cared about the food.However for those interested I did sample green tomato followed by some sort of fish. I did try some of Liz’s brisket and it was actually delightful. Major food envy. Was really looking forward to my pecan pie only to find out it was bread and butter pudding. Majorly devastated.  Personally, I spent most of the evening attempting to get people’s beads from around their necks and glow sticks from their wrists. Still pouring with rain, we made our way to the next bar… getting absolutely drenched…not point with hair and make up.. and occupied most of the top floor sampling drinks such as the Hand Grenade. By this time the Rubik’s cube party was well into swing and leaving some people looking rather foolish, not mentioning any names. The evening fizzled out and it was on to another bar before getting some pizza. Then back to the hotel where we all piled into someone else’s room, for a change.


Enjoyed a lay in the next day as decided not to embark on the air boats tour. After meandering to Starbucks and getting some breakfast we headed to our cooking class. It was amazing but made me feel incredibly hungry. Luckily we were able to eat the food and sampled some delish food In the afternoon we explored more of the French Quarter and visited Café du Monde to try out the ever so famous Beignets with some hot chocolate. Back to the hotel for a short rest before heading out to mask making and a tour of the mask making factory with Hand Grenades.  After a quick change we headed to Frenchman to sample some hot dogs. A quiet night followed and soon it was to bed.


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