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I recently had the pleasure of returning to NYC a few months ago for a second time. I place of which I had always dreamed of and visited for the first time last year. In the March of  2014 I spent 8 glorious days exploring the city that never sleeps. As much as I adored the city, I never expected to return within such a short space of time. I wasn’t too sure how I would fill my time.
On my last visit I had stayed at the Intercontinental Barclay in Mid Town East. Some how my friend Jess and I managed to get an absolutely awesome deal for luxury. We spent our days doing the normal touristy things. – The Empire State Building, Top of the Rock, The Brooklyn Bridge, 9/11 Memorial and of course the Statue of Liberty. All these attractions are amazing but I wasn’t ready to do them again.

This years accommodation was slightly below last years budget and I opted for a hostel. Location. Murray Hill initially booked for its proximity to Mid Town East, an area I already knew relatively well. Turns out Murray Hill is pretty awesome, offering a lower skyline, more greenery and some very attractive looking bars and eateries . An area that I will most certainly return to.

Anyway. Here’s what I did.. and here’s what I most certainly recommend that you do to.

1)- Do a food cart tour.
I presume that several run around the city but I did this one. They do have several locations but I chose the ‘Financial District.. Regardless of the actual food these tours are also an awesome day to learn more about the area and are such a good way to explore. Its all on foot so and you get plenty of information. They cost around $48 and are inclusive of 5 dishes and free water. The food is awesome and it opens you up to cheaper options for food around the city. On this tour I actually discovered Waffles and Dinges. They are waffles beyond exception and have several spots around the city so its a must. GO.


2) Do a TV Tour.
The city offers a lot of tours. I opted for a Sex and the City one. ( bit of a fan) and again regardless of anything SATC related its an awesome way to discover the city. – This time by coach. We started off on 5th Ave and made our way slowly through Chelsea, SOHO, and of course the west village. We had several stops throughout the day and I decided to indulge in a classic Cosmo. The tour also came with free cupcakes which is always a positive. Throughout the tour they show several clips from the show and films which referred to our location.

3) Take the subway to Coney Island.
The great thing about the Subway is that it takes you anywhere for less than $3. It takes about an hour to get to Coney Island from Midtown.. Once you get off the subway its pretty much on the doorstep so there’s no chance of getting lost.  The place is kind of weird. Its a bit like you’ve gone back in time to the 50’s but all the rides play modern music. Whilst there you should definitely visit the home of the ‘Dawg’  Nathans. Since 1914 and have some salt water taffy oh and have a funnel cake for the subway ride home.



4) Walk the Highline
Ideally start in West 34th between 10th and 12th Avenue and ending in the Meatpacking District. The high line offers not only an alternative route home for locals but also exciting views of the city as well as a nice display of plants. If you’re feeling hungry along the way. No fear. Towards the MPD end of the line an array of stalls are located offering coffees and muffins, ice cream cakes and Popsicles. Fancy a drink. No problem there’s also a bar. Oh and toilets.

5) Chelsea Markets
I adore the Chelsea Markets. with quirky shops and neat restaurants and bars its certainly something you shouldn’t miss. Whether for lunch or for dinner it really is delightful. Also if you’re a fan of cheese or wine or good food in general you should definitely check out ‘CorkBuzz’ its open till late and offers some amazing cheeses and lovely accompany wines.



So that’s it. Hope this helps. If there’s anything I’ve missed drop me a line below 🙂

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  • Definitely helped! I’ve been to NYC before, but I think that I will be there again sooner or later. As I already did these “tourist things” as well, it’s great to know some alternatives to fill time 🙂

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