Café Rouge Review.


Located all over the UK and with an abundance in London, Cafe Rouge is hands down one of my favourite chains. – So, think what you want of chains but this one is a beaut.
All of them are slightly different but each interior en-captures a true Parisian Café and although the menu differs from café to café the fundamentals are the same.
Breakfasts include  dishes such as
coffee and a criossant
Pain perdu brioche ( French Toast) *MUST GET*
Eggs in any possible way
English style/ Vegetarian Breakfast


Lunches and dinners include
Soups- of course the classic French Onion
Naturally Croques of all desires. *MUST GET*

Café Rouge is also licensed which means an extensive wine menu, several selected to accompany certain dishes

As you can imagine there’s also a dessert menu and a menu rapidé for those who desire a quick bite.

Café rouge is a must go to when you’re in the UK and especially London. I love it there, you feel like you’ve been whisked into a world of beautiful flavours and delights with a fabulous French feel. I would definitely recommend. Service is exceptional and the food won’t disappoint. A perfect location for a lunch with friends or a light and delightful dinner.


(all photos taken at Café Rouge- St. Pauls. London)

Instagram: @katevictoriaphotography
Snapchat: kategoesglobal

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