How should I travel?

Always a question I find myself asking.
Travel however you do it is great.. some ways are suited to certain people. Finding your ideal type can make your adventures even better.


I have travelled in several fashions and can honestly say I enjoy all of them. However if I had to chose it would be tour group travel. Firstly, tour group travel is great for the solo traveller because its a more than fantastic way meet new friends and take on new adventures together. It really is amazing how you can really be yourself with a group of new people and how open everyone is to making new friends. I have always toured with Contiki. Tours designed for 18-35 outgoing adventurers. Trust me, I have never had a bad experience with them and have made some sure friends for life. Contiki isn’t the only option of course, other companies such as GAdventures, Top Deck and Intrepid etc offer many more destinations globally.


I did this for the first time in April in San Fran- if you read my recent review you’ll see what a great time I had. This can be pretty daunting, arriving on your own and sharing a bunk room with 6 other people you’ve never met before but after a few hours you’ll feel completely comfortable. Solo travel is also pretty rad because you get to do exactly what you want, go, eat and shop. You have the added bonus of meeting new friends and taking part in activities that the hostel provides.


I have been on several trips with friends. My longest was for 7 weeks around Australia, Thailand and Hong Kong with my friend Katie. When we were not on tours we had more or less 2 weeks of staying in a mixture of hotels and two bed dorms. Two bed dorms are great. You get personal space and don’t have to worry about locking away belongings ( something which can be a slight worry when sharing with a room with strangers) The several I stayed in in Thailand were actually really nice and just as good as any hotel but for half the price.
I’ve been on Holidays with more than 2-3 people for a week but if travelling for longer I would limit myself to 3 friends. The more people, the more arguments and more likely that you’ll all split off and do your own thing anyway.


One of the best ways to see Europe! Or in my case Italy. The European Rail is advanced, quick and convenient. A lot of the railways require a pre booking to secure a seat ( something that my friend and I slightly messed up going from Milan to Pisa…) Anyway, the trains are an amazing way to see scenery and quaint villages


You have to really like you’re own company if you can do this for more than 4 days. I think I would struggle, but sometimes when you want the holiday of a lifetime, the accommodation of a lifetime is a must too. At the end of my last trip I had just about had enough and  by day 56 I needed my own space. I booked myself into a hotel over looking Times Square for my last night and it was delightful.


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