5 ways to occupy yourself on a long haul flight

‘There are only two feelings one has whilst on a Plane. Bored…and Scared’

Now I do agree with this to a point. I do find myself incredibly bored some of the time and as soon as there’s a slight bit of turbulence I think ‘that’s it- I’m going to die’… Nevertheless, another feeling which Mr Quote forgot to mention was… excitement.. Unless you’re on the way home.. maybe.

Anyway finding things to pass the the time on a turbulence free long haul flight without paying £18 for 30mins of wifi may be tricky… so here are some suggestions

1) In Flight entertainment-
Typically, on long haul flights, this is pretty good. There are an array of films and TV programmes along with games and radio to keep you occupied. I for one quite look forward to this.. the films especially, always seem to be rather new and it saves me going to the cinema. More recently I have noticed inflight chat from seat to seat. I find this to be absolutely hilarious.

2) Eat-
If ever I’m bored, I do tend to eat. But, what can I say… Long haul flights do have pretty decent food and drinks.. most of the time its free ( well included). The days of ‘Chicken or Beef’ are well and truly over.. thank goodness.

I’m not the biggest reader..unless it’s travel blogs but long haul flights are one of the few times I get out a book. As well as reading your own book there’s always the inflight magazines offering up stories about other dreamy destinations.

Plan, if you haven’t already now’s a perfect time to do it. LH flights give you plenty of time to write out itineraries and to think about places and sights you really want to see.

When things get really bad.. haha. In all seriousness sleep is good… Although sleep on a plane is never that great ( unless you’re lucky enough to be in first class) its better than no sleep at all. Sleep is especially good for night flights and to compensate for time differences.


Any other suggestions?


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