Contiki Diaries Days 15-16, Orlando. FL

Continuing our drive through Florida and passing by a fave of mine. FIVE GUYS ( not as good as In and Out but hey ho)  we arrived into sunny Orlando mid afternoon.This was pretty decent as it gave me a chance to sort out my suitcase ( literally been stuffing things in up to this point). For dinner a group of us headed out along the strip to ‘Wild Wings’ I opted for a buffalo chicken flat bread and a cocktail. Both pretty delish. This was followed by a slow stroll back to the hotel. Literally so nice to be outside in the dark and not need to have even a cardigan on. Early night in prep for the big day ahead.


Up bright and Early! TIME FOR UNIVERSAL!!
Today was absolutely awesome!! Made even more so by HARRY POTTER WORLD. I’m not the biggest fan in the world but it was seriously amazing. The rides and the scenery were fantastic. After casually sipping on a Butter Beer and wandering through Hogsmede we carried on throughout the other sections of the park and Islands of adventure ( so much changed since my last visit in 2003).
Lunch was served Hollywood style- chicken tenders and a milkshake. Yum… followed a couple of hours later by fish tacos. Such an awesome day- just wish I could have visited Disney too!.. next time! haha.
11056579_10153382872767162_4406609218483017977_oGot back to the hotel and met up with Leeza and co for a late afternoon dip. For dinner it was The Ponderosa.. again another haunt of 2003. Time really flies… Chose Salmon in an attempt to be healthy..After bought a few souvenir tees at a disney style discount store. Got back, packed up the old suitcase.
Bring on Miami.

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