Contiki Diaries- Days 17-18. Miami. FL.

Okay, so I love everything about Miami- just not the cost of everything.

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We arrived on a glorious sunny afternoon and had a quick Chinese lunch before our speed boat tour. This was literally amazing and one of the highlights of my 26 days on tour. We got told that the seats at the back get rather wet. Naturally Leeza and I decided that these seats were the best option. After a short but informative tour of Star Island and around the harbour we hit the open ocean. ( Leeza had to buy a new pair of shoes… to say the least) First stop off the boat and we decided to get some Margaritas. Jarryd also joined in for a girly drink. After a short drive we arrived at North Beach where our apartments were located.


Apartments were blissful- could probably live there. Apartments made even better  by a lady coming around and giving us a free bottle of wine.. which like nobody else got.. EVEN BETTER 😉 After a few vodkas it was time for dinner. Today at a Cuban themed BBQ which was again lovely. It was then on our party cruise- which for some reason took absolutely ages to get to.. on the way however as a coach we managed to get through a large sum of fireball. Cruise played some classics such as the macarana, YMCA and even Land Down under for the Australians..
After the cruise it was back to South Beach for more drinks. It was fight night so it was extremely packed but we managed to find somewhere. Decided to have a vodka red bull and Ben said he would have one  too so he gave me some money.. Upon serving the figure of $47 was mentioned. WHAT THE ACTUAL.. Angrily stood there for 10 minutes with my money and after no one bothered to take it I walked off. Result.

After an hour or so it was time for bed but not before Ben bought Leeza, Liz and I some roses. Scrambled into an uber and made a delightful visit to perhaps the second best burger place ever.. I can’t remember the name of the place! :(. Burger was happily consumed with yep.. chili cheese fries.

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Decided not to get the ‘early’ coach to South Beach and opted for an ever so lush lay in. Good choice if you want my personal opinion.
First stop when arriving was to find me an Acai Bowl- I have become so addicted.. and even more since. At this stage I don’t know why I just didn’t get a burger and committed fully to weight gain. Hey ho, one tries… After brunch we hit an incredibly crowded but still delish beach for some R&R. After a little paddle/swim/dip we realised that Leeza’s legs had gone the colour of a salmon. LOL…
Headed down the beach and discovered Burger King… see told you. Anyway, whilst enjoying my burger and fries a creepy tramp came and sat next to me. Luckily Jarryd rescued me from a fate worse than death- having to talk to Mr Tramp.

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Most of the late afternoon was spent trying to find something other than burgers for dinner. After a walk up and down several times we ended up in Walgreens buying some cheese and crackers. Classy. Started off the night at a little bar which wasn’t up to much but after a few games of ‘hand hockey’ ( was that its name?) the night picked up. Next we headed to Mangoes- a rather interesting venue if you ask me…I can only describe it as a little Coco Bongo in Cancun.. but with various rooms and a variety of music. Bed called soon enough and thank God avoided burgers..went to bed hungry.

Next Stop Daytona!!

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