Contiki Diaries Day 26. The road to NYC

Queue Billy Joel- Piano Man.

The last day.
Woke up.. completely pissed. Bag packed though so could be worse. Headed down to the coach head spinning threefold. Wasn’t long before I had to make a little trip to the toilet  to throw up a bit. and again. We arrived in Philldelphia at around 1pm on a rather cloudy day. First stop was The Rocky Steps complete with running up them. .. I filmed… no running for me. A little drive on we approached the Liberty Bell were we had a chance to see that and get some lunch. Can’t be in Philly just once in your life without getting a Philly Cheese Steak. Delightful. Actually pretty much cured most of my hangover and then it was back onto Betsy for the last time. Ahh sad.

11402468_10153397569677162_8025294095624336258_oAfter rolling through the Garden State we were soon in NYC. We arrived at the Double Tree, took everything off Betsy and said goodbyes.
A few of us met up in the evening and said more goodbyes. And that was that.


I couldn’t have wished for a more awesome trip or set of people. Thank you Contiki for  everything.

This post, and in fact this series of 26 days is dedicated towards Jarryd Morris. Firstly because I told him to fuck off several times whilst I was hungover on the bus but secondly because without him asking me where the next installation of ‘Contiki Diaries’ was.. I would have probably stopped somewhere around Memphis.

Coming Soon
– Day in the life of summer! LONDON VIDEO
-Eight days of eating in the BIG APPLE

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