I’m going to Turkey

Turkey, Turkey, Turkey.
This will in fact be my 4th visit to the country which straddles both Europe and Asia. Fortunately this time I am actually visiting a different part. This time is Dalaman. Located in the middle of the Turkish Med Coast Dalaman enjoys long hot summers and cool short winters. Perfect for some Autumn sun in September.
For the first time in a while I am going on a trip and no nothing about what I am going to do there. I can’t even hazzard a guess because after typing in ‘What to do in Dalaman’ into google, not a lot actually came up. Also because I’m not planning the trip. It’s a rare occasion where I’m just coming along. It’s nice not having to think about anything or worry about people enjoying themselves BUT it does make a pretty boring pre trip post. i.e ‘Itinerary: Nothing?’


Anyway, I got my visa last week. You now need to get them online.. the last time I visited  in 2012 you could just obtain them at the airport. It’s a pretty easy process and costs $20 ( US) You just have to fill in some basic details regarding your passport and dates you’ll be in the country.

I thought about putting together a blog/vlog of ‘what clothes are in my suitcase’ but then I thought 1) who cares, I never read or watch those kind of things and 2) My nice clothes don’t fit and all the clothes I do have look like black sacks. TADAA!

Anyway, Itinerary to follow next Monday.

photos taken Belek Turkey, 2012

instagram: @katevictoriaphotography


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