‘Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do’

I feel like it’s been a while since I posted anything particularly insightful. I’ve reached that time of the year when low levels of inspiration and darker nights and mornings have left me feeling a little bit lost and incredibly tired. I’ve kind of got into my job as well and whilst I don’t bring work home with me, because I work a backwards week and never have a conventional weekend I feel like I’m always there. Although I try to get up as early as possible its not that easy as I rarely get home from work before 11:30pm. ( after an hour of the London Underground).

So even whilst being at work I feel more dreamy than ever, I feel as though in terms of having anything to write about-  I have nothing. Of all the places I’ve been, I feel as though I have written all that I can. I have not been able to write much about my most recent trip to Turkey because nothing was particularly post worthy. It was just a week and I wouldn’t really call it ‘travel’. It was a holiday. I had great fun with my friends, we ate and drank too much, lazed around and went bowling once. There. That’s it.

Another reason for this lul in activity in Camp Kate is because I actually need to find a new job which without going into any detail at all is A MAJOR INCONVENIENCE… But I’ve got to do whats best for me, thus leaving is the only option that I had. Nevertheless, although that’s something I have to deal with in 6/7 weeks time its still a resting problem at the back of my mind. ( amongst several other looming prospects which are completely inconclusive at the moment) AKA.  lil bit o’Stress.

I have actually been working on two videos which I won’t be posting to YOUTUBE  https://www.youtube.com/c/kategoesglobal until the end of December. One of them is a year round up, the other is something which, I myself I am incredibly proud of.. not so much the edit but the content. That second video will be up on 22nd December 2015.  More on that nearer the time.

Speaking of content. If anyone has any ideas of anything new I can write/ vlog about. Literally anything..( travel / non travel related) Or maybe you fancied hearing my opinion on  something ?Let me know and I’ll happily put something together.
At this point I would also like to thank all of you that have followed me in the last year. I’m well aware this hasn’t been the best blog going but thanks a bunch for hanging around. Means a lot.



( as always  connect with me on instagram: @katevictoriaphotography for daily fun and games

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