‘My Head is a Jungle Jungle’

‘I don’t know where I’m going but I promise I won’t be boring.’

Yep literally- I was watching an old vlog of #lilymelrose a few days ago and she put something perfectly. It was along the lines of ‘I have ambition but no direction’ Yes. that’s exactly it. I feel like I have the power to do all these amazing things with my life but I am not entirely sure where to start… I suppose getting out of bed before 11am would be an exceptionally good start but what can you do… I work late.

I do feel like today has been productive though. Maybe not in long term sense but definitely as Monday’s go. I filmed a vlog entitled ‘ Behind the face of Instagram’ – at least that’s what I think I’ll call it. I’ll probably get putting that together on Tuesday to post by Thurs… I dunno. This week sometime anyway. Then I popped along to Westfield before work and managed to get everything that was on my list. ( plus some essentials for my trip to Manchester next week… I’m literally going for the night) To top off today I found PEANUT BUTTER MNMS. Literally have looked everywhere for them. I even went to MNM store in Leicester Square and they weren’t even there. Praise the American sweet store I found.

I then got to work and it was pretty dead… which although sounds like it would be dull as… was actually okay because to be honest I am so beat from the weekend. One more shift tomorrow then finally a day off. Just got home around 2 hours ago and after a cup of tea I decided to finally sort out my twitter email which has been messing up for about a month now.

BOOM. Hoping Tuesday has the same level of direction then maybe I can get on with ‘real’ life instead of living in Kate Dream World.

In the meantime..heres an old video of BRUNCH AT VILLAGE EAST.


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