7.5 photos to make you want to hike Torres Del Paine. Chile

Okay, slight disclosure here: This trek is horrific. There’s about two metres of flat land the whole way and you’re either breaking your back on the way up or trying to stabilize your knees on the way down.


If you decide to camp-  I wish you the best of luck. I almost died.
One thing though- GET A DECENT PAIR OF SHOES THAT YOU CAN ACTUALLY WALK IN. Seriously. You walk for miles and miles, you need shoes that are comfortable and ideally waterproof. By the end of all of this I was having dizzy spells because I’d lost all feeling in my little toes.

However, I will say this- If you chose to undertake this torture, you won’t regret it.
















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Filmed with Canon G7X, Canon 60D & Iphone6

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