Okay, several things here but I also wanted to ask you all THREE questions.

  1. Whenever I upload a video to YOUTUBE it suggests that I convert my video into a more streamable format. HOW DO I DO THAT?!? ( note, I am the least technical person ever )
  2. My videos are filmed with a GO PRO, Cannon 60D and Cannon G7X. Sometimes youtube allows you to watch them in 1000p HD. However, sometimes it only allows up t0 720p HD. Why is this? How do I make them all the highest possible? It’s frustrating as they always look a little grainy on youtube and they never are on the normal file. 😦
  3. I am starting to make a lot more videos and am finding it hard to find music without copyright. If anyone has any suggestions of where I can find good music/ is a musician please let me know.

If anyone could help on either of these three problems  I would be so grateful.

Apart from that:

ENJOY  ( oh btw.. as per point 3.. due to copyright law you will need to watch this on a laptop. )


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