where have I been for a month and a half?

Thailand, The Bridge over the River Kwai 2014.

I have been lazy… That aside the last 7 weeks have been absolutely manic. My head has been here, there and everywhere BUT. I finally have everything sorted for my next trip. YAY!!.

I am off to Sunny MEXICO in 28 days. Exactly 4 weeks. I am so excited and so happy that everything has come together. When I got back from my Aussie/Thai trip I knew that I wanted to go away again but wasn’t exactly sure that I would be able to make it happen. But I knew I wanted to go, on my own, with someone, whatever, but I was going. This really was a case of believe in something enough that it actually happens. I told the world that I would get  a job, whatever it was, work whatever hours it gave me and earn enough money to get away in March. I am proud of what I have achieved, which is something I wouldn’t normally feel or even say if I did.

So, over the next few weeks I promise that you will hear a little more from me with last minute tantrums and fears. Not exactly sure how I plan on documenting travels why I am away but instagram will not go untouched. * @katevictoriaphotography * ( see link on the right)

ciao xx

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