Contiki Diaries, Day 21 ,Savannah. Georgia

IMG_0430Today was one of the best days… but here’s how it started.

Decided, for some ungodly reason that I would get up at the crack of dawn to go and take some pictures of St.Augustine with Liz. It was great because it was pretty quiet and no one got in the way of my pictures. 😛
Got back on the coach and pretty much crashed out to wake up to the news that we had lost two members of the bus and no one seemed to know what or why or how. Anyway we left Florida and headed into the state of Georgia ( where I began my 8 long week trip at Atlanta Airport, Terminal 2) on route to Savannah.



Upon arriving we went straight to Forsyth Park for obligatory group photograph- I looked like death so wasn’t overly keen.  After photos we went on a little tour around. Savannah is beautiful and in a way reminded me of Greenwich Village, NYC. After our tours the majority of us headed to Mrs Wilkes. .. And as they put it.
‘A line gathers each morning at 107 West Jones Street. At 11 o’clock, the doors of 107 open and the lunch crowd finds seats at one of the large tables-for-ten shared by strangers. Tabletops are crowded with platters of fried chicken and cornbread dressing, sweet potato souffle, black-eyed peas, okra gumbo, corn muffins and biscuits. The menu changes daily so regulars can have something different every day. Stop by and enjoy the special pleasure of a meal shared with neighbors and strangers.’

Needless to say it was heavenly. After a complete stuffing we headed back to the hotel for a bit of a rest before the evenings entertainment.
The evenings consisted of ‘Contiki Braden’s first ever annual Wiffle Ball and Picnic’ – heavily alcohol fuelled picnic. the picnic was back in the park. Quite a day of walking hey!
I was still overly stuffed from lunch but the whole evening was so enjoyable. Apart from one thing. GNATS.. MIDGES or whatever you want to bloody call them.  After feeling overly itchy, especially as the sun went down it was time to freshen up before visiting a few bars
IMG_0442We arrived back at the hotel to find that Jarryd and Blair had caught up with us after losing them in Florida and after a brief reunion we headed back out just across the road to a bar for some karaoke and bebidas. Stayed for  few hours and even gave ‘livin on a Prayer’ a go with Tia.
We thought we would go elsewhere but nowhere else was up to much and after seeing that Five Guys was closed we went to bed.

IMG_0445Wiffle Ball in Action.. ^^^ ( that wasn’t actually an ‘out’ either)

Here’s the link for Mrs Wilkes.. and if you’re still not convinced. Obama has eaten there 🙂

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