Contiki Diaries, Day 22 Raleigh. NC. Via Charleston. SC.

I don’t appear to have any photos from this day. I guess its partly down to the weather which I’ll explain in one moment.

Woke up in Savannah at around gnat bite o’clock. After thinking I had escaped death by bite I woke up to find 102 bites on my arms, legs, stomach and neck. Trust me, I will never complain about have a few measly mosquito bites ever again. SO painful, so itchy and so annoying. Actually attended breakfast which wasn’t too bad and headed on to the coach on route to Charleston.

We arrived in Charleston and after a quick toilet stop a local guide hopped on the bus just as the heavens opened. Charleston is actually really pretty and even though the rain was absolutely awful you could still recognise its beauty. After a brief tour we hopped off the bus into ‘The Notebook’ land and headed in the direction of food. A large group of us went to Sam’s BBQ and I opted for the pulled pork and brisket burger with fries.
The Rain and my choice of footwear being flip flops meant that I had to take them off and walk completely barefoot in the streets. ( always a novelty)  After, a smaller group of us tried to make it to a coffee shop and I sampled a chai latte. Now, I have had a chai latte before. What  I got was not a Chai Latte. Chai is tea, and this thing had coffee in it. I drank it.  However, sitting there in that coffee shop, avoiding the rain is such a sweet memory and looking back I remember feeling extremely happy. I can’t explain why, but it was just one of those perfect moments, on the trip and in life. Nothing really happened, it wasn’t that was just right.
By the time we left it was just Leeza, Liz Braden and I and by this point the rain was beyond a joke. It was that bad that it became incredibly funny and we ended up walking through 4 inch deep puddles to get back to the coach. Once we were moving again we persuaded Braden to put on ‘The Notebook’ which, yes I had bought at a Walmart a couple of days ago. Never heard the bus so quiet. Good choice if I say so.

Mid film we stopped off at a weird Mexican themed service station. Not really sure of what was going on there because by the point I think I had half scratched myself to death.
Back on the bus, and on with the film as we rolled into North Carolina and finally into Raleigh- the state capital and our stop for the night.

Ella at South of the Border

Dinner was at Golden Corral. Another buffet, really not good for my thighs. Anyway it was delicious and pretty sure I sampled: fried chicken, ribs, pulled pork, pizza, brocolli, courgette, fish balls, stew and a chocolate fountain along with something called a volcano brownie. Food heaven.
Dinner was then followed by bowling at a nearby alley with a few drinks .. At least I got some exercise after the food. Ha. After said bowling we headed back to the hotel for an earlyish night… not before hiding Liz’s shoe

So I have looked again.. and yep no pictures but courtesy of Leeza and Jarryd photos are featured.


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