Contiki Diaries Days 23-25 Washington D.C

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Okay so I was never really looking forward to D.C… Apart from taking a photo in front of The White House then I would have been good to go.
Day 23.
We arrived at the Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia around 5 ish. Weather absolutely boiling. We had a little walk up to the Tomb of the Unknown Soilder, watched the changing of the Guard before heading back down and visiting The JFK gravesite. The grounds were beautiful made look even more so by the lovely weather. Everything green and white. We then had a short drive into D.C where after a quick change we went for a pizza buffet just next door to the hotel. Really rather tasty.IMG_0452

We then got back on the coach and started our tour of the city by night. Notable monuments/ buildings included. The Lincoln Memorial, The Capitol Building and the Korean War Memorial. It was then back onto Betsy to take us into town for a delightful night out. The usual started slowly before I decided that we would do rounds so ended up with three vodka cranberries in 30 minutes and a couple of fireball shots. Played a few drinking games such as 21 and soon Leeza and I were back on Deer Hunter. Feeling rather drunk we headed onto a club but it wasn’t up to all much to Macdonalds it was, but not before a local offering us food and lodgings for the night.

Day 24
Not feeling too fresh Leeza, Liz and I decided to get the early coach into town and checked out the Holocaust Museum. Not the most delightful place in the world when you have a hangover and its -5C inside. Upon leaving the Musuem it was a lovely day and about 30C  outside which was lovely for about 10 minutes before it became uncomfortable. We had lunch at a Smithsonion before Leeza and I met up with a few fellow contikiers for a Washington Nationals game. First we experienced the Ball Park and Margaritas where consumed before heading into the Stadium, it was awesome. Didn’t really watch the game but amused myself with waving round a foam finger, eating loaded fries and scratching my gnat bites.. ( yes still had them.. all 102 ) We left slightly before the end avoiding a mad rush and back to the hotel it was.


Our night out was in Addams Morgan which we travelled to by Subway. We arrived at Shennanigans for our 2 hours of $10 drinks…. who ever thought that this was a good idea? Oh my, what a night including a lot of time in the bathroom and shouting. ‘ do you see me laughing’…  Leeza, Liz and I took a taxi home at around 12 and after putting Liz to Bed Leeza and I bumped into Devon and we decided to go to Macdonalds.. ( and I’m complaining about weight gain..) Natuarally a large fries, double cheese burger and a chicken wrap.. why?

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Day 25.
Praise Jesus for a lay in… I think the 3rd since being on this Contiki. Yes please and thank you.

Around 11 Leeza and I collected Liz before heading to Starbucks for brunch/detox break. There, we bumped into Kat who accompanied us on our daytime wander around the city which involved a lot of sitting down and lazing which suited me just fine. Oh incase you are wondering.. I did get my photo in front of the White House.
We went  back to the Pizza place to get some wine before dinner where we met Jarryd before heading to a rather solemn last ever contiki family dinner. After it was back to the Pizza Place.. Yes again for tshirt signing and Kate drinking too much once again. After games such as beer pong and flip cup Ellie and I ate what seemed to be half a blue cake as a Macdonalds Substitute.

Leeza and mines open door policy continued for one last night. Even Braden made an appearance. Anyway, everyone finally left and went to bed around 3am.
Fantastic 3 days in D.C. You certainly did not disappoint.



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