Los Angeles// What I really thought of it

LA has a reputation, a pretty decent one. Its featured as this Palm Tree Metropolis, big cars, white sun loungers and well a lot of celebrities live there. Its the home of Hollywood, Venice Beach and Beverley Hills. It almost is more ‘California’ than California itself. Everyone wants to visit.

..I’m not it’s biggest fan.

Now it’s not that I didn’t like it but it was kind of a disappointment. Granted I was only there for 1 day ( but Jesus I made the most of it) but it really didn’t ‘hit’ me the way I thought it would. Turns out, I wasn’t the only one who thought this about the place. I met a few people who again, were not too impressed. Maybe we all did it wrong?

  1. The traffic in the place is beyond a nightmare. Considering people drive everywhere you would think that they would improve roads and reduce jams.
  2. No one walks, its annoying. Thank God for UBER and not having to pay for Taxis
  3. The people trying to sell CDS on Hollywood Boulevard are mega annoying when you are trying to find Marilyn Monroe’s Star.. ( also CDs really??)
  4. Under the Pier at Santa Monica stinks of weed
  5. Everyone is High.. I swear11265542_10153337799607162_6155972455290376013_o

It’s basically a death trap for tourists but I do feel that if you can see past these 5 points you can appreciate L.A for the sunny warm and relaxed place that it is. And.. to be honest. If someone said ‘I’ve booked and I’m taking you tomorrow I really would not complain. I’d probably enjoy it and see the ‘real’ place.

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