My Christmas Message


With Christmas done and dusted and just under a week until new year it makes sense to take a look back at the 51 weeks that have passed me. This year has been crazy. It doesn’t make sense to say it, but this year has literally been the worst and the best year of my life. If someone had told me this time last year that I would be in the place that I am now, I would have hoped to have been, but never would have believed them. Although things are not all perfect now I am 100 million percent happier than I was this time last year. Read more

South East Asia is still on my ‘Bucket List’ but I wont be going any time soon.


As I sit down and write this wearing my Thailand elephant trousers, what I am about to say is probably quite ironic. As many of you may or may not know. I recently spent a month or so in Hong Kong and Thailand. I have different opinions on each which I will re cap on later. Overall however, although I had some great experiences its safe to say that I wasn’t overwhelmed.

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My 4 days in the jungle


To be honest, having been in Thailand for a week already having flown in from Australia, I wasn’t really loving it. Okay so I had been on Koh Phangan for over a week, I’d had food poisoning and I wasn’t all too impressed with the full moon party ( more on that later ). Read more