My Christmas Message


With Christmas done and dusted and just under a week until new year it makes sense to take a look back at the 51 weeks that have passed me. This year has been crazy. It doesn’t make sense to say it, but this year has literally been the worst and the best year of my life. If someone had told me this time last year that I would be in the place that I am now, I would have hoped to have been, but never would have believed them. Although things are not all perfect now I am 100 million percent happier than I was this time last year.

So, the year behind me. What exactly have I achieved/learnt this year?
1). manged to get myself on a gondola in Venice,.. that can finally come off the bucket list.
2) I survived four days in the jungle. Although my fear of wasps is as great as ever, the daddy long legs no longer haunts me.
3)I ate Breakfast at Tiffany’s ( well just round the corner anyway)
4)I ‘Learn’t’ to surf in Australia
5)Managed to get a job that I actually love ( most of the time..)
6) I’ve met loads of new people and made a load more new friends
7)We constantly change, little by little, day by day.
8)Not one thing on this planet lasts forever and sometimes perspective is all that is needed.

9) I will never be able to carry a tray of drinks…

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.

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